Frequently Asked Questions From Buyers



Where do I start?

Fill out the I'm Thinking of Buying Questionnaire and lets connect. 
The Jamie Depas Group would love to provide a free buyer’s consultation to go over the process.



How to connect with a lender to get Pre-Approved?

The Jamie Depas Group works with an array of lenders to find you the best option. 
You are in control so make sure to pick someone that you trust and that is experienced. 



Who represents me and my interests?

The person on the sign in front of the home is most likely representing the seller’s interest. 
Once you hire the Jamie Depas Group, we can represent you and your interest by negotiating on your behalf through a Buyer’s Agency Agreement.   



How do showings work?

As a Realtor, Jamie and his group can show any property that is on the market. It does not matter what sign is in front of the property or what company has the home listed. 
The Jamie Depas Group has access to any home out there so feel free to reach out.



How long does the process take?

When working with the Jamie Depas Group we take a unique approach to the buying process. 
The buyer is in control, we simply open the door and allow you to view the home. You may view many homes over the years or find a home after only a few showings. 
Once you find the home you want to purchase, the process is very easy, and typically takes 30 to 60 days to finalize the purchase. 



Can we get closing costs covered?

Typically, the Jamie Depas Group can negotiate with the seller to cover Closing Costs that the lender may charge. 
Closing Costs can range from appraisal fee, underwriting costs, and miscellaneous costs that occur while going through the financing process of buying a home. 
Otherwise a buyer can opt to wrap the closing costs into the loan. 



What measures are in place to protect me?

In Wisconsin, we are known to be a very consumer friendly state, and this applies to real estate as well. 
There are contingencies in an offer that protect you as the buyer.  A contingency for example means "I will buy the house but…".  You will have contingencies regarding; a home inspection by a certified home inspector, a financing contingency to make sure that you have the funds to purchase the home, and another important contingency is a title search making sure that the home is clean of leans and judgements. 



What is Earnest Money?

Earnest Money is good faith money that you put down in beginning of the transaction. 
The money is held in a escrow account, and is typically credited back to you at the end of the transaction once you end up buying the home.
  The amount can range from $500 to $1,000.




What does a home inspection mean?

Once you receive an accepted offer on a home, you will hire a certified home inspector. 
The costs ranges from $275-$400. The home inspector will inspect the roof, to the attic, to the foundation going room by room to put together a thorough report for you. 
The major items that they are looking for are major defects: anything that can harm the longevity of the home or the occupant’s health and safety. 
Once the defects are found, the buyer can choose which defects they want to address with the seller. 



Why choose the Jamie Depas Group to help you buy?

We are trusted and experienced.  Jamie Depas has earned a reputation of success, after selling over 250 homes. 
Having full knowledge of the buying process and being concentrated on the customer experience has given us a spectacular ratings and our clients are our proof!
Jamie was awarded, the distinct honor to be ranked in Real Trends America’s Best Real Estate Agents. 
Truly the Jamie Depas Group is above the crowd and Jamie Depas stands out as one of the best agents in Northeast Wisconsin.