Frequently Asked Questions From Sellers



Why should I hire a real estate agent?

 At the Jamie Depas Group the listing agent, Jamie Depas, will help you through the selling process with ease.
Aside from improving your quality of life during your family’s transition, having an agent like Jamie may help you get more money for your home.
I know the market, proper pricing, and how to achieve a faster sale.
I am trusted and experienced as a Northeastern Wisconsin Realtor, please read my testimonials.



How do you determine the market value (List Price) of my home?

Comparative Market Analysis:
We compare similar homes that sold or have pending offers in your neighborhood.
Interested in finding out what your home is worth? We can help.



Should we sell before we buy another home?

Please discuss the options with your lender. 
You could do a bridge loan, sell your current home and buy your next home simultaneously, or have 2 mortgages for a short period of time.



Is it easier to sell a home that is vacant?

You should only consider vacating your home before placing it on the market if your furnishings are poorly maintained or the environment is overly cluttered.
A vacant home usually communicates a need to sell and weakens your negotiating position.



What improvements will help me sell my home?

Start small.
Fix all minor mechanical issues such as loose hardware and service furnace, clean everything immaculately,
keep the yard maintained, and put fresh pine straw or mulch in the flower beds.
Power wash decks and other surfaces if needed. (Click here for Preparation Tips)



How will I be kept informed of marketing progress to sell my home?

This topic is often frustrating for sellers.
Very few real estate agents are excellent at communicating and keeping their sellers informed.
Here at the Jamie Depas Group we dedicate Tuesday and Thursday's to following up on the status of your home sale.



Should we hold an open house?

Open houses may make you feel good since people are stopping by to see your home, however they are rarely effective for producing a sale.
These events usually draw prospects just beginning to look at homes.
They are getting a feel for the market and are not usually ready to make a commitment, even if they love your home.
Often the “visitors” are curious neighbors. Our professional marketing plan will offer more effective ways to sell your home.



What are the costs of selling my home?

At the Jamie Depas Group we know a home sale is one of the biggest transactions someone will be involved in, so it is critical to know what costs are involved.
  Below are some of the most common costs of selling a home.

Brokerage Real Estate Fees/Real Estate Commissions
Seller Commissions
Title Search
Home Warranty
Transfer Taxes
Capital Gain Taxes
Cost of Various Repairs from Inspections
Existing Mortgages or Home Equity Loans



What marketing strategies will you use to sell my home?

A home that is priced properly and given maximum exposure should sell in a very short amount of time and for top dollar. 
The Jamie Depas Group uses some of the top Real Estate Marketing Strategies out there.

Print and Traditional Marketing Such As Post Cards, TV, and Newspaper Ads
Online Exposure: Zillow, Trulia, Realtor. RE/MAX, Craigslist and Many More Through Our MLS IDX Exposure
Social Media
Content Marketing Through Video, Adwerx, and Email



Why shouldn't I price my house a little high, since I can always drop the price later?

 That strategy might sound good – but, is more likely to result in a lower price. Here's why.
The first few weeks a house is on the market is when it will have the most activity.
If a house is overpriced, it has to compete with houses at that higher price level, which are almost certainly larger or have newer/more luxurious features.
 So the overpriced home is unlikely to attract an offer. Worse yet, those first weeks are when real estate agents preview the house.
If it's overpriced, they may not even bother to show it to their buyers. Eventually, the seller will have to drop the price and may end up with an even lower
price because buyers will wonder why the house has been on the market so long.
A Weichert Price Trend Analysis provides a unique method for arriving at a selling price that takes your local market situation into account.



When should I turn off the utilities?

The title company will call to have a final reading done before closing.
The buyer will need call to have the service transferred to their name. 



Will I have to pay closing costs?

The seller is not obligated to pay closing costs.
The buyer may want to wrap closing costs into the loan meaning they ask for credit back at closing. 
Make sure that you concentrate on your net amount.



    After the closing, may we stay and rent our old home from the new owner until
    we are able to move into our new home? (We don’t want to have to move twice!)

    This is possible, but needs to be negotiated once a buyer is found.  We can discuss this further so feel free ask. 



    What is meant by the term "contingency" in a sales contract?

    Sales contracts typically contain several "contingency" clauses, or stipulations that the sale is subject to.
    For example, with a mortgage contingency, if the buyer is unable to obtain financing within the specified timeframe,
    neither the buyer nor the seller is required to complete the purchase.